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Learn what makes switching to a vegan diet the best choice possible (and not just for your health), and how to get the most out of plant-based foods.  

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Make plant-based nutrition work for you

I know how easy it can be...

...but at the beginning there are so many questions and so few answers. I know how easy the transition can be, but I also know there are some challenges when you're starting on this path. I'm here to show you that switching to the vegan diet is not difficult. It's easy to make the switch. Let me show you how and help you on this path. Let's make it easy together.

About the course

3 weeks course

Switch2vegan is a three weeks course. Each week, you will receive a new set of video lessons you can watch anywhere, plus worksheets and challenges to keep you moving in the right direction.


It's so much easier if you can write down exactly what works for you. Use the worksheets to track your progress and make your own lists of foods you love that love you back.


If you want to change something, you have to work on it. The challenges in this course are simple, but effective. Plus, you can always ask for some extra help.

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